Planning an Iceberg


A planning team must be willing to accept that most of the work they do will not be particularly obvious.

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Thinking about Quality and Time

Checklist Zone – when you want to get a job done, and you are not particularly concerned about quality.

Green Zone – A good return on investment. Where is your “OK point”?

Zone of small incremental improvements – Be careful about going here unless you are a professional performer, athlete, artist, writer…

Quality/Time Curve

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Eye-to-Eye in Skype

Effective communication requires eye contact (or the perception of eye contact). This is a challenge during a video-conference because cameras on computers are usually above the screen, not in the middle. Most users look at the face on the screen, and therefore break perceived eye contact.

An external monitor can be used to help overcome this challenge.

Using an external monitor for a video-conference.

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Face-to-Face First

Face-to-faceWhen interacting with people, face-to-face to communication should always be first’s in our DNA!


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Not getting an A…

Not getting an A...

“I don’t understand! I Googled the question, copied and pasted the information from the first link and didn’t get an A…”

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Conference Connections


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Tech Body Language 02

I don't want to listen to you...Show someone you care about what they are saying – take off your headphones and look them in the eyes!

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