Tech Innovator

Those individuals in the school who –

  1. Actively look for new ways to use technology to enhance student learning.
  2. Act as a role model for tech “Best Practices”.
  3. Subscribe to newsfeeds or newsletters about technology in education.
  4. Get enthusiastic about new technologies that could be used in the classroom.
  5. Are willing to invest time learning about new technology and trying it out.
  6. Choose professional development courses about technology.
  7. Initiate and facilitate tech training workshops.
  8. Introduce new tech systems into their personal life and classroom.
  9. Can move on from out-of-date ways of doing things.
  10. Are up-to-date with what is happening in the tech world.

About Rod Murphy

Parent, international educator, Tech Coach
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4 Responses to Tech Innovator

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  2. Rod

    Really like the blog.

  3. samaun says:

    i would llike to start making a sports blog in bahasa, try it, one thing still hard is how to make contents or find resourses.

  4. Nicoline says:

    Great site Rod! I always appreciate your concise way of getting straight to the point! Your technology rules and advice are always tangible proof that, “Less is more!”

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