The Curse of Links!

Read an article printed from a blog – less than three pages;  5 minutes. Link overload – the article has 60 links.

Visit each link for a quick check: one minute each = 60  minutes. Read ten of the interesting ones in more depth: five minutes each = 50 minutes. Click on two of the links from each of the  interesting pages to explore some more: one minute for a quick check = 20 minutes.

Total professional reading time: 2 hours 15 minutes.

The curse of links!
One of the things we need to practice is NOT clicking on a link.


About Rod Murphy

Parent, international educator, Tech Coach
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1 Response to The Curse of Links!

  1. samaun says:

    Test. staff proffessional development is an important part to improve teacher’s teaching skills such as ITC trainning by Mr. Rod M.
    Yes I still leave behind.

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