The Best Education

  1. Students who are intrinsically motivated.
  2. Top quality technology.
  3. Intelligent, hard-working and motivated teachers.
  4. Effective support structure.

The best education.A poor education system has less than three of the four factors. A satisfactory education can be achieved if you have three out of four. The best education is where you have all four.

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Multitasking isn’t.

Multitasking isn't.

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Tech Body Language 01

My online friends are more interesting than you...Show someone you value them by looking into their eyes as you actively listen to what they are saying.

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Giving time

Time is one of the most valuable things an Tech Trainer, Coach or Integrator can give to teachers at international schools. One way this can be done is by the Trainer, Coach or Integrator taking over a class for a lesson (or more) to give the teacher time to play around with a technology they intend to use for student learning.

Giving time

This has the added benefit of giving the Tech Trainer , Coach or Integrator insights into what (and how) the class is learning so that they can direct the teacher towards appropriate technology resources.

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Flexible ethics!

When you install new software, sign up for some online service or read the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for using technology at an international school there are only two choices.

  1. Accept ALL the terms and conditions. You can then install the software, get the online service or use technology at the school.
  2. NOT accept all the terms and conditions. You then cannot install the software, get the online service or use technology at the school.

AUP shock!

The result – people do not read the terms and conditions but just click the “Accept” button or sign on the bottom of the form.

Are we conditioning our students to have flexible ethics?

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Murphy’s Laws of Technology #7

A computer crashes only if you have not hit the ‘Save’ button.

Rule 8

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Tech Profile

A tech profile is a chart showing all the different types of technology a person uses and the level of expertise they have with each. An individual’s profile includes technology used as part of their personal life as well as that used professionally.

ICT profileA tech profile gives information that a teacher can use to identify their own strengths and challenges. This can then be used to set specific goals for their tech professional development.

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